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Andrea Mayfield

The ABC’s of Education Consulting, LLC
Independent Education Consultant

Dr. Andrea Mayfield has over 25 years in education. She received her undergraduate degree in Special Education from Alcorn State University (1992). She obtained her Master degree in Special education (1997) and Doctorate degree in Elementary Education (2003) from The University of Mississippi. She received her endorsement in Administration and Supervision from the University of Memphis in 2009 and a certificate in Leadership in Literacy and Coaching in 2015. She taught elementary students with disabilities in self-contained, resource and inclusion settings for twelve years. She has taught undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees and licensure in special and general education at the University of Memphis and Cambridge College for nine years. Dr. Mayfield has presented at numerous conferences, school districts and observed hundreds of teachers across the states of Tennessee and Mississippi. She worked nine years as the West Tennessee Regional Special Education Consultant for the Tennessee Department of Education where she provided technical assistance in the form of professional development, teacher observation, monitored state funded grants, investigated parental complaints of IEP violations, and worked collaborated with special education directors on instructional and federal budget project applications. She worked four years as an Educator in Residence (EIR) for the Office of Elementary Education and Reading at the Mississippi Department of Education. She works intensively with 16 schools in Mississippi in implementing the SWIFT Framework. She is a teacher at heart providing support for schools in strengthening administrative support, multi-tiered systems of support, teacher leadership, PLCs and school leadership team functions. She recently did a podcast on SWIFT in Mississippi that can be found on the SWIFT website at www.swiftschools.org under the SWIFT Unscripted tab and wrote a blog on “Including students with the most significant disabilities in general education” found under the SWIFT Talk tab. She also is the Dean on the Theology Training Tract at the New Olivet Baptist Church where preachers, deacons, and lay members gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Bible. She currently works as an independent education consultant for The ABC’s of Education Consulting, LLC. which is her private firm.