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Carmen Gelman

EPIC - Educational Policy Improvement Center
Director, EPIC School Partnerships
Carmen lived in Mexico for eight years before returning to the United States as an ELL student at the age of nine, giving her a unique understanding of what it feels like to be thrown into a system that did not really know how to support her needs. As a teenager she was an at-risk student who spent her time in Compton, California and because of her diverse experiences she has a perspective that is valuable in understanding many of the struggles that our traditionally underserved students face and how to support them. Carmen joined EPIC in 2015 as a Director on the Epic School Partnerships team. She has an MS in educational leadership from the University of Oregon, is a recipient of the OALA award and has spent her career passionately working to improve the lives of children and families through education. Before joining the ESP team, Carmen served as the principal of Springfield High School and then Deer Park Academy in Beaverton, Oregon, an alternative education program for at-risk students.