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Dusty Porter

John Tuck Elementary, Redmond School District

First and foremost I am a father of three beautiful girls and an amazing wife who puts up with all my flaws and is also an elementary teacher. I began my educational journey as an ELD Educational assistant and have had the pleasure of serving thousands of students, staff and parents in three different school districts over the past 13 years as a teacher, coach, dean of students, assistant principal and principal. I am passionate about our profession and the powerful opportunities it gives us to positively impact our communities and the world. I am a huge believer in the power of a unified culture of shared leadership and the importance of working together to find creative solutions to complex problems. I am also very proud of the work our school community at John Tuck has done to embrace, model and create a school that truly lives our vision of being "All in for All Kids." I would love to share our journey with you and dialogue about how your schools are redefining themselves through your work with SWIFT.